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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Dubai stands as a thriving nerve-center for national and international business investors. It is a ground dedicated to extravagant luxury and high-tech facilities is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, with the most significant contributors to its GDP being real estate, trade, tourism, and financial services industries.

In 2021, the nation spurred the announcement of specific central performances to drive the economy. The overall strategy included five key pillars which hold:

Are you an investor who is looking forward to business setup in Dubai? Then, glance through this guide and reap the benefits faster!


This is one of the most lucrative options that investors can move forward with. The mainland companies can function and operate their business activities within the boundary of the Emirati jurisdiction.

The incorporation process gets completed when the relevant government authorities issue the approvals.

It is worth noting that one of the key aspects that govern the laws of the Dubai mainland business is the company equity share. As a part of the process, a local guardian (individual or entity) is appointed to hold 51% of the claims.

Business entities also can extend their branches in other parts of the Emirate and the nation.


This is the next preferred option that is opted by the business investors whose primary concern is “Cost”. These zones are defined jurisdiction that focuses on pre-defined or specific business activities.

One of the core advantages that the investors avail is the 100% ownership of the business. Apart from this, various tax benefits and 100% repatriation are relevant perks.

More than 30+ free zones in Dubai are dedicated to specific business activities, making it easier for business investors to step forward and invest

Advantages of Setting Up a Business in Dubai

The establishment of a business unit in Dubai comes along with a long list of benefits, which includes:

Business Setup Company in Dubai Process

A business setup in Dubai turns out to be a fabulous choice if you plan to expand your business overseas. Knowing the advantages, limitations, and the process turns out to be a boon for the business investors.

Undoubtedly, it becomes a hassle for the new investors to understand the complete legal proceedings. Therefore, most business professionals prefer to get in touch with business professionals to process the same smoothly.

The steps to be followed are highlighted below:

1. Select a trading name for business

Deciding a business name might sound easy; however, it is not the same in reality. First, you need to understand that your trade name stands as the face of the organization, and before you finalize one, make sure to conduct groundwork and research on the competitors.

2. Finalize the type of business structure

The next step is to finalize the business entity type that entirely depends on the availability of the capital and the number of shareholders willing to enter the contract.

3. Draft & Submission of the relevant documents

Next, the documentation process is to be cleared, which marks the completion of the incorporation process.

The generic set of papers to be submitted involves:

4. Obtain the relevant approvals

The documents then are handed over to the government authority, who takes a call to issue the license. If any rejection occurs, make sure to recheck the papers and rectify the errors accordingly.

Apart from the business license, an establishment card is issued by the Ministry of Labour (MoL)

5. Open a bank account

Lastly, you need to open a corporate bank account to carry out business transactions efficiently. The requirements might differ from bank to bank; however, the process requires a director and shareholder.

As a result, collaborating with specialists pays off because it streamlines the process. Business Platform is one of the best affordable business setup company in Dubai that has assisted innumerable business professionals in transforming their business dream into reality.

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What are the major business licenses in Dubai?

The major business licenses in Dubai include:

Which is the common business structure in Dubai?

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Which is the most preferred jurisdiction for freelancers in Dubai?


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