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Business Setup in Sharjah

Business Setup In Sharjah

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A Vibrant and Global Economy

Sharjah is catching up as an economical alternative to Dubai for business setup in Sharjah due to the proximity of an International Airport and coupled ports on the west and east coasts of the Arabian Gulf having direct entrance to North Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Its geographical location (at the junction of Asia, Africa, and Europe) offers unmatched opportunities for investors, and therefore sees the inrush of over 5.2 consumers, million investors, and travellers every year.

Sharjah is one of the safest global cities with a meagre crime rate and has an excess of economic energy supply. The judicial system in Sharjah is fair, and the economy is liberal with competitive fees structures and property lease rates. Additionally, there is the presence of a highly qualified and skilled workforce that is mostly bilingual and very economical. Moreover, there is a provision for sponsorship and visas for the entire staff with a 24X7 hotline that ensures an uninterrupted provision of labor and equipment.

Company Incorporation in Sharjah – An Overview

Sharjah is growing with economic expansion and is one of the most rewarding industrial destinations that bring foreign investment. The Government of Sharjah understands the significance of trade, service, and manufacturing sectors in supporting the country’s economy, and has therefore devised policies that promote foreign investment.

Flexible government schemes have played a crucial role in gaining the faith of global investors, and have primarily devoted to the speedy and continued economic majority of the Emirate. Further, the business growth trend in Sharjah stays accurate as it has always maintained world economic ties and friendly trading connections with numerous nations across the world.

business setup in Sharjah is a pathway to building long-term contacts and customer relations, and obtaining continuous trade orders in the U.A.E. Other reasons to consider company formation in Sharjah are:

We help you set up your company in Sharjah, the most liberal economies in the Middle East!

Sharjah is the safest and highly advanced Emirate. The business activities conducted their accounts for more than 45% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P.). Being the only city with access to ports in the Arabian Gulf’s eastern and western coasts and furthermore with the Indian Ocean and immediate connections to North Africa, the Emirate offers excellent opportunities for foreign investors. Investors have the possibility of opening various business entities among which L.L.C., joint-stock companies, branch office, and subsidiaries.

Business setup consultancy in Sharjah

Business setup in Sharjah

How to Set Up a Business in Sharjah?

You need to understand the business set up formalities and procedure before commencing the process. It will be helpful to avoid delays and confusion. This will aid you in completing the set up in a time-bound manner. You may also assign us the task of business setup in Sharjah. With professionals having extensive experience in setting up businesses in Mainland, and Free Zone regions, we will accomplish the setting up in quick succession. 

The trade license you require to commence business operations in Sharjah will depend on the type of entity you are planning. You can choose from the three types of licenses, viz. Commercial License, Professional License, and Industrial License according to the firm you are establishing. Further, the procedure will differ with the type of legal entity you choose. The entity could be a Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, Foreign Company Branch, Partnership Company, and so on. 

The types of license in Sharjah are:

Commercial License – You must obtain a commercial license if you are planning commercial business activities. Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) is the authorized agency and regulatory body for issuing Commercial License. However, additional approvals may be required from ministries and departments based on the type of business you start.

Professional License – Those individuals thinking of setting up a professional business firm providing skilled services and support must have a professional license. The professions including architecture, artistic creations, and professional tutoring fall in this category. The person(s) applying for the subject license must have requisite qualifications substantiating the claim. 

Industrial License – Industrial license is a mandatory requirement for companies opting for industrial activities, including, manufacturing. Necessary approvals from the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, and other relevant departments will be required. The approvals have to be attached with the application submitted. 

Steps for Company Formation in Sharjah

The steps for company formation in Sharjah include both personal and official decisions and approvals. It begins with your decision about the type of business, location, and jurisdiction. And ends with the incorporation of your entity in the documents of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The steps for company formation in Sharjah are:  

Identifying the business field

Benefits of Company formation in Sharjah

A business entity in Sharjah offers optimum probability for growth. The fast-developing economy and ample infrastructure have been productive towards business firms. Identifying the right business that could be useful for the large populous in the area can bring a fortune in no time. 

The advantages of Company setup in Sharjah are:

Legal Entities in Sharjah

The legal entities in Sharjah include the following:

Limited Liability Company (LLC) – An LLC can be formed in the Mainland with a 100% ownership. 

Foreign Firm Branch Office – You can start a branch of your entity, located anywhere else in the world, in Sharjah. However, the trading activities will be limited, wherein, the branch office will be allowed to act as the window of the parent organization.

Partnership Firm – The firm established by UAE nationals, with a partnership of two or more individuals.

Public or Private Shareholding Entities – The firms established with public or private shares.

business setup in Sharjah

Documents Required for Business Setup in Sharjah 

The authorities have stipulated the submission of certain documents for business setup in Sharjah. The documents you have to submit along with the application are appended below.


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