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Business Setup Services In UAE

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Why Choose Business Platform for Business Setup Services in UAE?

At Business Platform, we have been providing business setup services in UAE to help you build a strong foundation for your business, positioning it for growth and success in the UAE market and across the MENA region. Our goal is to assist you in incorporating your business in UAE without any hassle.

We provide various services such as legal translation, business evaluation, document attestation, licensing and visa processing, allowing us to thoroughly guide you in your new venture and ensure the successful formation or expansion of your business in and around the UAE. Our professionals are extremely committed and have a significant domain experience in establishing enterprises across diverse verticals and promoting quality professionalism.

Given the rapidly evolving global environment, we provide proactive learning and possess the ability to devise novel solutions. Our business setup services in UAE ensure a competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive business market. Aside from being a promising location for business incorporation, the UAE is also a beautiful place to live.

At Business Platform, we are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, corporations, and global investors in establishing a company here and reaping the full benefits of a global economic space. Our professionals assist with licensing and visa formalities, banking, and laying the basis for new business processes services in UAE that correspond with your corporate objectives and vision.

Our Business Services in UAE

Business Services to Set up a Mainland Company

Creating a mainland company in UAE with the Department of Economic Development (DED) permits you to trade and supply services throughout the city and other states in the United Arab Emirates. Business Platform help entrepreneurs setup their businesses in UAE with our professional expertise and services. The UAE’s economy and business environment provide the ideal combination of framework and administrations to match competitive global standards. To reap the greatest benefits UAE has to offer, businesses must first understand the requirements for the most efficient way to  business setup in UAE. And that is where Business Platform can guide you.

Business Services to Set up a Freezone Company 

Freezones, or free trade zones, are special economic zones in the UAE that allow investors to hold 100% of a company. These authorities are meant to give Freezone Firms a single point of contact and to improve business in the country. A freezone company can take advantage of favourable tax and customs rates. However, the requirements and criteria for each freezone in the UAE vary based on the business activity chosen for the license. The right step is to seek professional assistance and advice on the different incorporation and registration procedures. Our team at Business Platform offer the best consulting and support in establishing a business in a free zone in UAE to help you streamline the entire registration process efficiently.

Key Steps For Business Setup in UAE

Step 1: The first step is determining which business activity is best for your firm. The best strategy to select which business activity to pursue is to first focus on your interests and objectives, then conduct market research to evaluate whether that specific activity suits your target market.

Step 2: Choose a jurisdiction for your business setup in UAE. Investors in UAE have the option of establishing their businesses in a variety of jurisdictions. It is critical to grasp the distinctions between a mainland corporation and a free zone company. Each jurisdiction in UAE, be it freezone or mainland, has its own set of benefits and downsides. Depending on your requirements and goals, our team can offer you helpful guidance so that you can make an informed decision.

Step 3: Apply for approvals from relevant authorities for business setup services in UAE. You must submit the necessary documentation and take care of all the legal formalities to get a trade license, process visas and open a corporate bank account to establish and run your company.